The CIS Cloud

CIS Cloud Hosting

CIS can host various back and front-office applications in the cloud. Your services will be deployed on a dedicated server into a UK based data centre with multiple high speed internet connections. Our on-site engineers provide 24 hours a day support and maintenance to keep your systems running optimally. You will not need to maintain your own servers, saving space and other costs at your location. Our support team is only a phone call away if you need help with any of our services.   

Our Cloud Services


A modern office cannot function without email. We will deploy your own email server in our cloud data centre with no user or storage limits. You will be free to increase the number of users and mailbox sizes without having to worry about incurring additional costs. As with all of our services, security is a key concern and we ensure that the latest in anti-spam and anti-virus technologies protects your critical information.   

File Sharing

Sharing files easily across multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet) is an important requirement for any modern organization. Our cloud can host your file servers as well as file sharing applications, with the ability to selectively share files both within your organization and also with the outside world.  


Projects which require multiple users across multiple sites to collaborate in order to develop documents and other content can be difficult to manage. We can deploy an open, modern and secure application that manages and simplifies processes and content to accelerate the flow of business.

Web Sites

A web presence is critical for any modern organization to connect with partners and customers. We can deploy a dedicated web server to host your website. We can also provide design and development services for your website, if required.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging or chat has become ubiquitous as a means of communication in the modern world. The CIS cloud can host your own dedicated instant messaging server, allowing your employees to collaborate securely, without the distraction that public messaging applications may provide.


Many organizations require a secure internal website that is accessible only by authorized users. The CIS cloud can host your business' intranet. CIS also provides design services in order to build your secure intranet. 

Virtual Private Networking

Having staff distributed across many different sites on different networks can slow business down. CIS can setup a virtual private network to connect all of your sites together into a single network. A VPN also allows users to connect securely to the office network from anywhere in the world.

IP Telephony

The CIS cloud can host your own dedicated telephone exchange. Each user can be provided with their own extension number. Calls routed between your staff will be completely free (even across multiple sites). The exchange can also host conferences and an auto attendant that provides a menu system for callers to route incoming calls to their destination.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing deployed in the CIS cloud allows for meetings and distance learning to take place. Users anywhere in the world an connect securely into your conferences. Users can share content such as PDFs and PowerPoint slides and even their screens and webcams. All meetings can be recorded by moderators. As with all of our solutions there are no user or storage limits.


Organizations often require multiple servers to be setup to allow back office functions such as user directories and single sign-on to be setup. The CIS cloud can host your back office and using a virtual private network will connect your cloud servers securely to on-site servers that support functions such as shared printing.

Password Management

Forgotten passwords and locked accounts are one of the most common IT problems. Our password management application deployed in the CIS cloud allows for users identities to be securely verified and this in turn means that users can reset a forgotten password without having to call the IT help-desk. Password self-service also allows for a more comprehensive password policy to be implemented which provides more protection for critical business data.