Open Source Technologies

Open Source Software

What is Open Source software?

Open Source software is computer software, with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. 

How does Open Source software work?

Since the software is not proprietary to any one organization, a global community of developers are working to create and update these applications. This leads to much greater innovation amongst the software development community.   

What type of applications are available through Open Source technologies?

The answer here is pretty much anything. If you have bought software for any purpose today, there will be a free Open Source alternative. This includes everything from the operating systems on your desktops and laptops to your office software and also your hidden software functions (the stuff that runs on your servers such as email and file-sharing software).  

What's the catch?

Open Source solutions are typically built on free platforms such as Linux. The software itself is free but can be very complex to setup and manage. This is where the expertise of CIS comes in. Our consultants and developers are able to deploy and support these applications for your organization.  

Is Open Source software user friendly?

Open Source applications function similarly to paid-for software applications. CIS offers training and support for any organization in all aspects of the software solutions that we provide. Training can be carried out in-house, off-site or remotely using video conferencing.   

Is using Open Source software legal?

Open Source software is completely legal for any organization to use for any purpose including commercial. In fact, Open Source developers actively encourage adoption of their applications in place of expensive propriety software.

If Open Source is free what am I paying for?

Whilst the software itself is free, we still need to install it on physical systems (hardware). These systems also need to be updated regularly to keep them secure. Another critical task is to ensure that they are all backed up so that we don't lose any data in the event that the system crashes. 

The largest single cost (buying the software licenses) has been eliminated and this is what enables us to offer these services at such low prices.    

Is Open Source software secure?

Open source software is just as secure as paid for software. The developers use the same protocols across both types of applications. In fact in many cases open source applications are faster to respond to a security threat because the global developer community numbers in the millions and no matter how large a single software company is they will never be able to compete in terms of sheer numbers working on a project. 

Will switching to Open Source mean a lot of disruption?

Our consultants will work with you to design a solution along with a detailed project plan for any migration between your existing infrastructure and applications to the new solution. CIS has years of experience in migrating from paid for software solutions to Open Source.