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Training is a critical part of making the best use of available IT resources. CIS can help prepare your staff by offering ready made or bespoke training courses on a variety of IT related subjects. Courses are delivered off-site at a local training centre, on-site at your offices or remotely using video conferencing. Our courses offer a mix of theory sessions led by an instructor as well as hand-on lab exercises to give attendees practical experience of the subject. 

Our training calendar is shown below. Select from the available classes that have been scheduled by CIS and register using the form or contact us to arrange bespoke training for your organization.  

Our Courses

The Open Source Office

This course provides a detailed look at Open Source Office software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and databases. Attendees will learn how to make the best use of Open Source office software in their organization. 


Every organization is prone to hacking and the most vulnerable part of the network is usually sitting behind the desk. Password security and general vigilance online can prevent security breaches. This course provides an understanding of the risks of going online as well as how to keep yourself and your organization safe in a connected world.   

CIS Cloud Email

This course provides details of how to make the best use of the CIS cloud email service. 

CIS Cloud File Sharing

This course provides details of how to make the best use of the CIS cloud file-sharing and desktop synchronization service. 

CIS Cloud Content Management

Document/content management allows collaboration across an organization for the purpose of creating almost any type of content. The application can be used to create automated workflows for document creation. This course provides details of how to make the best use of the CIS cloud content management service. 

The Open Source Desktop

The desktop or laptop is where the user meets the IT system. Often the switch from Windows to an Open Source desktop operating system is the biggest hurdle for any organization to overcome. This course provides attendees with an understanding of how to use the new operating system as well as some of software packages that are included. This course can be tailored to educational institutions or businesses.  

Scheduled Courses

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